Myths about the Brits: Trick-or-Treating with ‘Princess Alexa’

More and more questions about Britons are asked the longer I live in England. Each time I visit friends and family in Ohio I am swamped by questions regarding the Land of Hope… Continue reading

No Homecoming in England

A great American tradition is Homecoming. Whether it’s at University or in High School, many Americans will tell you how exciting Homecoming can be. From the preparation to the day and to the… Continue reading

Fundraising Update: Asanteni Sana!

My programme fee is finally paid for to volunteer in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania with Cross-Cultural Solutions! But, this couldn’t have been possible without the help of family and friends. Thank you all so very much… Continue reading

American Banks are Awful

Banking can be an absolute nightmare, especially for Expats. When I moved to England a few years back I knew that I had to get my banking situation sorted, and it wouldn’t have… Continue reading

“Are you sure you want a size 7?”

Sorting out what size an Expat wears in their new environment can be daunting. I still don’t quite know my size because one manufacturer likes to make me feel like I’m very slim,… Continue reading

A Tale of Two Cities: London & Cleveland

Cleveland and London: how are they similar? They’re not. They both have “L’s” and a “D” in their names and that’s about it. Oh, and some bridges and a river. Why I left… Continue reading

The After SAS Life: Totally Googled

After Semester at Sea life goes one of two ways: up or downhill. For most, it’s downhill because nothing compares to what a rewarding, thrilling and enriching experience Semester at Sea is. As for me,… Continue reading

Baking in Britain: Berry Cobbler

Baking is fun, though sometimes it just ends badly (like with my waffles). But this time, it ended well! My dear friends Jenny and James invited Hugh and I along with some more… Continue reading

Give the gift of literacy!

No donation is too little, and all will be greatly received. For more information and how you can donate, please visit: ***Please donate by 5 December 2014*** To learn more about why I’m volunteering, check… Continue reading

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