Sustainable Volunteering: Why & How

Jambo! I need to explain a bit more in-depth with why I will be volunteering in Tanzania this January. Lately, when I’ve told people they roll their eyes at me. You’re just another white girl… Continue reading

Ghana: Colours, Sounds & Smells

Ghana was an absolute whirlwind for me. Never in my life have I experienced a culture where cattle roam freely and people approach you in your car selling clocks (or whatever else is on… Continue reading

The After SAS Life: Totally Googled

After Semester at Sea life goes one of two ways: up or downhill. For most, it’s downhill because nothing compares to what a rewarding, thrilling and enriching experience Semester at Sea is. As for me,… Continue reading

Baking in Britain: Berry Cobbler

Baking is fun, though sometimes it just ends badly (like with my waffles). But this time, it ended well! My dear friends Jenny and James invited Hugh and I along with some more… Continue reading

Give the gift of literacy!

  No donation is too little, and all will be greatly received. For more information and how you can donate, please visit: Please note that this link cannot be viewed on a mobile… Continue reading

Travel to Russia Visa-Free!

Travelling to Russia can be a hassle, especially if you require a visa. Not all of us are keen to send off our passports (and money) off to an embassy just so we… Continue reading

Travel Etiquette: Hygiene

Nobody likes someone coughing on them. Nor does anyone like touching anything contaminated with a virus. One thing which really bugs me when I’m at home or on the road is the lack… Continue reading

Baking in Britain: Waffles

What a nightmare baking has been. Are waffles even baked? Anyway, anything involving converting and measuring has just been an absolute mess in my house. As an absolute waffle-lover I thought I’d take… Continue reading

10 Foods US-based Americans think UK-based Americans miss

Why would any American want to leave the Land of Free Refills? Wouldn’t they miss their Pop Tarts and KFC? Not so! Recently I have seen people posting links on social media sites to articles… Continue reading

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