Little by little, a little becomes a lot in Tanzania

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) asked me to write about my time in Tanzania and so I have. You can read the post on their website by clicking here, or continue reading below: Deciding where… Continue reading

Good Hope: Week 3 Geography

Never in my life have I see such determination in people to learn oceans and continents. When I was told my students had left off with oceans I assumed they would know how… Continue reading

The English Exam

Nobody likes exams. The revision can be difficult and let’s face it, you probably don’t even need to know half of what will be on the exam. Some of us are able to… Continue reading

Good Hope: Determination in Week 2

The start of my second week at Good Hope was rough, though the second half went a bit smoother. There was a greater understanding of where the students actually were in their lessons.… Continue reading

Good Hope: Geography

Geography is a brilliant subject. I love Geography. When I was told I’d be teaching Geography along with English at Good Hope I was excited. Really, really excited. I was handed one of… Continue reading

Good Hope: Lost in Week 2

When I began my English lesson on Tuesday at Good Hope, all but maybe two students could not remember a single thing I had taught them the week before. The bank holiday weekend… Continue reading

Good Hope: Week 1

Lesson learnt: be flexible. My first week as a teacher at Good Hope has been nothing but learning how to be flexible. Why? Structure. My first day, as I previously detailed, was purely… Continue reading

Good Hope: Day 1

My first day at Good Hope Support Organisation began with many of the students welcoming me to their school. This was the first day of the new school year for them, so for… Continue reading

Upendo Home: Day 5

The kids at the Upendo Home in Moshi, Tanzania just love to colour. And they love all colours. Brittany brought in colouring books for the kids with a variety of options, ranging from… Continue reading

Upendo Home: Day 4

The fourth day at Upendo started later than normal because Brittany, the other volunteers and I went to Materuni Waterfall and a coffee plantation with a local tour company called Youth Adventures &… Continue reading

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